Justin Treat, O.D.
Justin Treat, O.D.
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Originally from Cleveland, Dr. Treat's family moved to the nearby suburb of Solon when he was a year old. He spent most of his childhood there with his mother, an IT specialist, and his father, who worked in construction management.

"The city was a decent size, and Cleveland was nearby, so it never felt small." Dr. Treat recalled, "People gave Cleveland a lot of flack for being super cold and equally boring, but I'm proud to say I made the most of it. My dad was in construction management, and I really learned to love the construction business because of it.

I worked on his job sites and loved doing the tedious work no one else wanted to do, like picking up garbage. I honestly had a ton of fun growing up!" At this point, it's understandable for anyone to question whether the man is just positive or an absolute master of sarcasm.
Dr. Treat's sunny disposition kept him warm through the bitter cold of 18 Ohio winters before he-you guessed it-decided to attend Ohio State for another four, rather than leave. He completed his undergraduate studies in biology and earned a minor in business, but he still wasn't sure exactly what he wanted to do. An avid soccer player, he found himself matched up with an optometrist who owned his own practice and invited him to check it out. "I realized I could help people see, and the optometrist convinced me no two days were ever alike." Dr. Treat said, "He had a positive impact on people's lives while still maintaining an excellent quality of life outside of work. I was hooked and decided to study optometry."

Dr. Treat applied to a handful of optometry schools after completing his undergraduate studies. A sucker for punishment, he of course included Ohio State, only to be accepted to New England College of Optometry (NECO) in Boston, Massachusetts, one of only a handful of climates colder than his own. "The weather was brutal out there, but I don't regret it for a minute." Dr. Treat laughed, "I lived in a great part of campus and made a lot of wonderful friends that I still keep in close contact with. In fact, many of them were from California, which brought me where I am today."

After graduating from NECO, Dr. Treat searched the job boards throughout universities in California, and found a post. He sent in his application, received an interview, and the two clicked immediately. Dr. Rudick flew him out to Chico, introduced him to the team at North Valley and Ridge Eye Care, and the rest is history. "Everyone at North Valley and Ridge Eye Care felt like friends right off the bat." Dr. Treat said, "The culture was laid back but professional, and everyone really seemed to put patients first. It would have been impossible to say no to working in an environment like that." He was offered the job and moved out in September of last year.

Now living in Roseville, Dr. Treat works at their clinics in Marysville (Royo Eye Care) and Live Oak (Peach Tree Vision). Asked about the experience, he responded, "It's incredible to work with this group. There are a ton of doctors, and I always know that I can be in touch with any of our ophthalmologists for advice with a patient. It's amazing to have that kind of access, and it's totally different from what I've seen at other practices. It's difficult starting out as a doctor, especially in your first year. There's a fantastic support system here, and the camaraderie is just incredible. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

In regards to the North State, he couldn't be happier. "I love the sunshine here. You drive to work, and it's a beautiful day. You spend your day helping people, and you head back home-yup, the sun is still shining! You're a few hours away from everything, and the amount you can do so close to home really is amazing. I have access to so many things I didn't have in Ohio."

Dr. Treat is focused on continuing to provide excellent eye care, especially for patients with dry eye. "People come in and say their eyes are burning or itching, and they all seem to have been experiencing it forever. From lubricating eye drops to our more involved options, everything is a quick fix, and I love having patients come back to tell me how much the treatments have changed their lives. It's the best job I could ask for."
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